Voy Referrals

Voy Referrals is an easy way to help your friends get awesome jobs and be rewarded for it. Just refer your friend. If she or he gets the job you’ll get a bonus! This is how it works:


1. Join

Make sure you’re a part of Voy Community, only our community members have access to Voy Referral program. It’s free and easy to join.


2. Share & Apply

You realise you know the perfect person for a Voy job! Your friend applies via,
stating your name as “referred by” in the application form.


3. Everybody wins!

If the person you referred gets hired you get a cash bonus.


Questions & Answers

Questions and answers

Q: How much do I get paid? A: USD 500 per person hired.
Q: What is Voy Community? A: our candidate database.
Q: Can I be a part of Voy Community even if I’m not actively looking for a new job? A: Yes, it’s forever free, a great way to stay connected, get inspiration, work/life-hacks and more.
Q: Will i get paid if i refer a friend that is already in Voy community? A: No, only new referrals qualify for referral bonus.
Q: How do I review/update my contact information? A: just send an email with your new information to
Q: How does Voy know who referred the person? A: Make sure the person applying referring states your name on the online application in the “referred by” field. Otherwise, we have no record of the referral.
Q: Can the person applying state my name as “referred by” after submitting the application? A: No, this can not be done once the application is submitted.
Q Can I refer someone that is already in Voy Community? A: No, referral bonus is only for new applicants. This means that the person you refer can not be part of voy community at the time of application.
Q: When is the person I referred considered hired? A: When the employment contract with his/her new employer is signed.
Q: How will I get paid? A: via Bank Transfer or PayPal.
Q: Can I get a gift card or other forms of payment? A: No, unfortunately not.
Q: How will I know if the person gets a job? A: We will reach out after the employment contract is signed.
Q: Can I affect the selection or hiring process in any way? Nope, any attempts to do so will disqualify you from receiving the referral bonus.
Q: What if the person I’ve referred gets a job from Voy and I don’t hear anything within a month? A: Feel free to contact us on
Q: When do I get my bonus? Within 100 days after signed employment contract with reservation for exceptional circumstances.


Voy Talent Scout


We are looking for the next Voy Talent Scouts to join our team.

A Voy Talent Scout is an ultra-connected professional in the
creative and digitals field who find talents and help build
the Voy community.

Voy Talent is all about connecting people to new job and life opportunities. We believe there is a perfect role and team for everyone. We are building a community for people to boost careers, find dream jobs and reach full potential. And we want to do do it together with you.

Being a Voy Talent Scout is a side gig to your daytime job as a designer, copywriter, Creative Director, SEO expert or whatever you call yourself. It will involve outreach to people in your network, being a soundboard to the Voy founders and help hosting cool local events. The compensation model is simple and 100% success based - When a personal you’ve introduced to us gets hired, you get paid (USD 1,000).

  • The Voy Talent Scout profile:
    you are passionate about all things creative & digital
    you Have an extensive professional network of people on the creative & digital scene
    you like connecting people with new cool opportunities

  • The gig:
    Build high-quality Voy talent force
    Introduce in-demand candidates to Voy
    Part of Voy Talent Community