Voy Talent Scout

We are looking for the next Voy Talent Scouts to join our team.

A Voy Talent Scout is an ultra-connected professional in the creative and digital field who find talents and help build the Voy community.

Voy Talent is all about about people and movement. We are about development into new places and roles. accelerating the potential of personal growth. simple. We want to connect great people with awesome gigs. therefore we are building an international community for people to connect with each other, to boost careers and to find dream jobs. And we want to do this with you!

Being a Voy Talent Scout is a side gig to your daytime job as a designer, copywriter, Creative Director, SEO expert or whatever you call yourself. It will involve outreach to people in your network, being a soundboard to the voy founders and help hosting cool local events. The compensation model is simple and 100% success based - When a personal you’ve introduced to us gets hired, you get paid (a USD 1,000). 

  • The Voy Talent Scout profile:
    you are passionate about all things creative & digital
    you Have an extensive professional network of people on the creative & digital scene
    you like connecting people with new cool opportunities

  • The gig: 
    Build high-quality Voy talent force
    Introduce in-demand candidates to Voy 
    Part of Voy Talent Community 

More questions? Email us on jobs@voytalet.com

Stella Loven