Voy loves people with a passion for all things digital


A company's capability to leverage the internet and social technologies better than competitors is a factor for success and growth. To capture the advantage of the digital technology and new ways of communication every organization must have people who know how to build it. Digital talents are the people who create and build the digital future, that is why we are here - to help finding them. 


Our focus is on digital talents in all areas with roles such as;

3D/Motion Designer
Ad Operations
Art Director/Designer
Back-end Developer
Brand/Graphic Designer
Brand Manager
Business Developer
Chief Markering Officer
Chief Technical Officer
Content Manager
Content Producer
Creative Director

Data Analyst
Data Scientist
Front-end Developer
Growth Manager
Interaction (UI) Designer
Marketing Manager
Motion Designer
Online Sales Manager
Organic Growth Specialist
Paid Search/Social Media

PR Manager
Product Owner
Programmatic & Technology
Project Manager
Research & Insights
SCRUM Master
Social Media Manager
Software developer/engineer
UX Designer/UX Researcher
Web Developer


"Agile isn't just for tech anymore - it's transforming how organizations hire,
develop and manage their people."
Harvard Business Review


Best-practice brings the best candidate 

In-demand talents today are not just looking for a new job, they want to find somewhere to belong. Somewhere where they can grow and evolve. We will make sure that the position is the right next step for the candidate and that the culture fit is there, beyond the actual skill set. Our process is critical and straightforward, designed to match the right person with the right job. A sourcing strategy is created uniquely for each company depending on numerous factors. We optimize time and progress efficiently by always vetting and interviewing candidates before presenting the top selection. We stay in close contact with our client and candidates throughout the process because that matters.


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